Are you brave enough To Visit The Most Forbidden Places in the world?

Top Five Places You Cant Visit Below

North Brother Island, USA Each year New York welcomes millions of tourists, eagerly itching to visit every corner of the city, with the exception of one. Access is banned to North Brother Island without gaining authorization first, as all its buildings are in a threatening state of run. On the inside, nature continues to eat up the deserted structures and ruins of what used to once be the city’s quarantine hospital. First reported in 1614, the history of North Brother Island’s past is intertwined with death and disease: in the 1880s and right into the 1940s, the site quarantined people with highly contagious illnesses. All those who passed away there were stashed in the island’s morgue. From 1951, it was used as a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. …

What You Need To Know Before Feeding Your Dog Peach

For centuries, dogs and their owners ventured the world side by side in a never-ending journey of action and healthy development. Branched from wild wolves, dogs serves an important role in society of keeping the household safe and lively. To reward our mighty warriors and compatible companions, we feed them manufactured dog treats, fresh game, or organic treats and table scraps to display our appreciation.

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Although dogs are wonderful, learning about their health and providing proper nutrition will increase their chances of living longer. Many experts and inquisitive dog owners inquire about what defines proper care and how to be more proactive with their furry friend’s nutrition. The general answer is simple! …

Find Out What Does it Means If You See Blood In Your Dogs Stool

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Our dogs are very special family members. They show us unconditional love and bring us endless joy and happiness. When they become ill or are experiencing pain or discomfort, we want to do everything in our power to help them. So when we see what we believe to be blood in our dog’s stool, this can be very alarming. …

Who Has The Best Special Forces On Earth

It is actually difficult to determine which is the best special elite force on the world. But there is no denying that the members of these forces are actually the best for their countries from military point of view. These forces contain some of the best trained and invincible soldiers in the world. They go fearlessly to places where some of the other soldiers fear to walk. They have all the required skills to accomplish the objectives. …

who is the richest kid on Earth?

It’s true that while money is important and some people do care a lot about having the more expensive things in life, having lots of money can change the way that kids grow up. We absolutely enjoyed playing with mud back when we were 6 making cakes and everything, well that is not the case with these kids. From YouTubers to programmers, keep watching to see the list of some of the world’s wealthiest children.

#7.Dannielynn Birkhead-$10,000,000 Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter, Dannielynn, was only 5 months old when her mother passed. After she lost her mother because of a prescription drug overdose, Dannielynn’s custody was given to her father. At the age of six, Dannielynn followed her mother’s footsteps into the world of modeling. Though her early months were full of publicity, in the years since Larry gained custody of his daughter, the pair have led a relatively normal life. …

How dangerous are Murderous Asian Hornets?

People actually eat these things Of course, you could always decide to take murder hornets and make murder hornet lemonade. In this case, we could take after Japan and eat them. That’s right — the New York Times reports that the more adventurous palates in the Land of the Rising Sun enjoy them as a pleasant snack and as a stimulating ingredient in drinks. Young or old, there’s a murder wasp flavor for everybody.

Asian Giant Hornets

Some enjoy the grubs “preserved in jars, pan-fried or steamed with rice to make a savory dish called hebo-gohan.” Others like to face their fears head on, enjoying fried or skewered adult hornets … even the stinger. Supposedly they leave a “warming, tingling sensation”, when eaten, but that may just be the pleasant, calming feeling of slipping into the afterlife. You could always drink your hornet, as some enjoy the extra kick they provide to alcohol. Live specimens are sometimes drowned in shochu, a clear, distilled beverage somewhere in between liquor and rice wine in terms of strength. In the few moments before their death, “the insects let out their venom into the liquid, and it is stored until it turns into a dark shade of amber.” …

The Many-Banded Krait is native to China and Southeast Asia. It is not a large snake and it’s size varies from 3.3 to 4.9 feet. It has the distinctive 21–30 black and white rings along the length of its body. This is one of those species of snakes hat is nocturnal, meaning it is active and hunts during night time. It eats fish, ells, frogs, rodents and even other snakes. How does it kill its prey? Well, how about injecting it with 4.6–19.4 milligrams of the deadly bungarotoxin? …

Top Outdoor Experts in the World

When we think about adventure, we usually think about going to Hawaii or unwinding on one of the beaches in France or Spain… but adventure for these guys is something completely different. So, join us today as we uncover the 7 Most Fearless Wilderness Experts on the Planet. Let’s jump right in, people!

#7 Cody Lundin You might know him from Dual Survival… the Discovery Channel show focusing on two friends that are left under the blue sky to fend for themselves and survive using only the items they can find in nature. If you don’t think this guy is prepared, just watch how he is actually laughing in the face of that rattlesnake cobra when his partner couldn’t actually catch it. The man is one of the teachers at the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona. The school was founded in 1991, when Lundin was only 24 years old. And he even wrote two books all about survival. “98.6 …

Security Dog Breeds You Must Look

Argentine Dogo First on our list we have the Argentine Dogo, one of the most famous dog breeds today known to mankind. This breed is one of a kind, it’s like they have two personalities mixed in one, quite audacious yet sensitive, vibrant outdoors yet calm indoors.

They are of large size with muscular body, from the first look you can see the power and strength they have, just by looking at their bodies.

#6 Boxer Boxer is a medium-sized dog, that has square muzzle, and strong jaws to hold on to their pray. It’s an engendered breed from the old English bulldog and the present extinct Bullenbeisser. The Boxer is one of the best guard dogs out there that have large body and head. They need easy training, playful by nature, very quiet and protective, a very good dog breed made for the family. They are also one of the best guide dogs for the blind people. …



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