6 Most Elite Special Forces On The Planet

It is actually difficult to determine which is the best special elite force on the world. But there is no denying that the members of these forces are actually the best for their countries from military point of view. These forces contain some of the best trained and invincible soldiers in the world. They go fearlessly to places where some of the other soldiers fear to walk. They have all the required skills to accomplish the objectives. The soldiers in these special forces are taking on rescue missions and taking out strategic targets, all this in some of the most unfriendliest and dangerous environments in the world.

6. US Navy SEALs The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land Teams constitue of the US Special Operation Commands and US Naval Special Warfare Command. The birth of US Navy SEALs took place back in 1942 when there was formation of Scouts and Raiders group for Special Operations. Later, the step for the formation of Navy SEALs was taken by John F. Kennedy 1961. These special forces took an important part in the Vietnamn War. It also participated in the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan Wars and Iran — Iraq Wars. Last time, they were in news for their action in killing of Osama Bin Laden. In 2015, it was announced that they would also recruit women if they are able to pass the tough training programme. Because the training was so rigorous that more than 80 percent men had to dropout during the sessions.

5. Alpha Group: Russia’s Alpha Group is known for its best trained and skilled soldiers. This elite special force was formed in 1974. It tackles the counter terrorism. Russian armed forces along with the Alpha Group came under critism a few times. For example, during the 2002 Moscow Theatre Hostage crisis — around 130 hostages lost their lives but it was due to the release of an unknown harmful gas. Another criticism was after the Belsan school hostage crisis. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that they did something wrong.

4. Shayetet13- Israel Although it was formed in 1949, but it was not efficient back then as it is now. It has joined training programmes with US Navy SEALs and many other forces in the world. Over the years, it has grown in its capacity and proved its fierce ability in many operations that occurred in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Liberia. This elite special force in adept in maritime intelligence gathering, counter terrorism, sabotage and sea to land incursions. The soldiers have to go through a tough ten month training period. It provides them both mental and physical power and experience both underwater and above the water.

3. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, France Only few of the counter terrorism forces in the world will be able to compete with National Gendarmerie Intervention Group or GIGN of France. It has grown to become one of the strongest elite special force in the world ever since its formation in 1973. It consists of 200 trained and highly skilled soldiers. It is actually against the French law to post the pictures of the members’ faces. One of its important accomplishment was the seizure of Grande Mosque in Mecca in 1979. As the entering of non-Muslims is prohibited in holy city, therefore a group of GIGN briefly converted to Islam to help the Saudi Forces.

2. British Special Air Service: It is also known as SAS worldwide. It is regarded as one of the best forces. The motto of SAS is mostly found on the insgnia bears which reads, “Who dares wins.” When US General Stanley McChrystal was asked about the role of SAS in the post fightings of Iraq War, he said: “Essential. Could not have done it without them.” They inscribed their names in history books after operation Nimrod. During this, they attacked the Iranian Embassy in London which was captured by terrorists. They rescued all the people except one.

1. The Special Services Group The Special Services Group is also abbreviated as SSG. It is the most elite special forces unit of Pakistan and one of the best forces in the world. They are also known as Black Storks in the country. This is due to their special and unique headgear. The Commando training programme for selection in SSG includes a 36 mile march which should be accomplished in 12 hours and a five mile full gear run in 15 minutes. This is the only part of overall selection and training. One of their succesful accomplishments was the rescue of 39 people who were captured by Taliban after attack on army headquarters in October 2009.



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