Survival Skills: Top 7 Skills You Will Need To Survive Alone in The Wild

Surviving Skills for in the Wilderness

Creating your own spear After everything, you should not forget the most important thing and that is the food! Create your own spear so you can catch a fish or something else that you can use as food! First of all find a long,

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straight, and firm stick and split the end of the stick to form a fork! Then split the fork with some small stone and at the end sharpen each fork with a knife! Then you are ready to hunt!

6. Creating a fire Build a lighting bunch: collect long needles, dry leaves, other similar items, and dry grass for lighting! First of all, gather small sticks then find larger pieces of wood! The thing is that after gathering all the stuff put the smaller sticks under the bigger pieces of wood and then light the wood and place under everything. Bear in mind you need to make space for oxygen to get in. Blow several times to ignite the fire! You should have a good and stable fire!

5 Searching for other water resources We all know that dirty water full of bacteria can harm you and your body, hence boiling it is a way of great disinfection! When I think of boiling water the first thing that comes to mind is that you can find it in puddles or streams! Or you can also dig near some typical plants that indicate water sources! Such as cattails, cottonwood, or willows! You should dig a hole and wait for the water to collect in it!

4. Searching for pure water It is crucial for you to find clean, pure water. Trust me, you’ll need it to the very end. In different situations, there are different ways you can collect water! It would be best if there is a spring nearby and you collect water from there, but if this is not the case, then you have several other options from where you can get water! First, you can use the snow! Yes, you can melt the snow and then drink it! Another alternative is the rain! Collect it and there it is. It is a perfect alternative in the given situation!

3. Making a shelter protective from heat and sun Make a shelter to protect you from the heat and Sun. Sometimes the most important thing is you to stay protected from the heat and Sun! If you dig a few inches deeper in the ground it can provide you a cooler floor. In order to cover it use a lot of sticks arranged closely next to each other. The aim of this shelter is for you to stay hydrated and protected from the sun, so use bark, leaves, blankets, or anything you have to make the shelter more powerful and strong. Sit down and rest!

2. Making an isolated contemporary shelter Constructing a protective and useful shelter can help you in many ways! It can protect you from different insects, threats, and diseases! You should stay healthy and strong in order to survive in those conditions! How do you do the shelter? Construct its body by using a fallen tree or lean a strong piece of wood or a big branch next to some stable tree. Then collect small sticks and put them together making a protective wall! And at the end cover the sides with anything you have around like leaves, moss, etc. And there you have a strong protective shield!

1. Taking control of your behavior As always in life- but especially in this situation- when something like this happens to you, please stay still, calm down, and let go of your anxiety, panic, and fear! Being in that attitude will just block your ability to think smartly and strategically! In this case, stay focused only on the thing you want to achieve and that is to survive and get out of that situation! Be decisive, trust yourself, and make a strategic plan or believe and pray to God to give you wisdom! You can do it!

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