Self Defense Moves 7 Choke Hold Defenses Women MUST Know

Now, this first example is a bit tricky, but one that might end up saving your life. So, if you ever find yourself on the ground, with the attacker above you choking you with both his hands, then don’t try to wiggle yourself out of this one… and don’t go for a kick in the groin

The adrenaline rush he’s having will render the punch ineffective. So, what should you do instead? Well, for starters, YOU SHOULD SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO ALREADY, after that, you should tuck your elbows in by your ribs. Use the monkey grip to grab his hand, and with your other hand, grab by his triceps, so there’s no way he’ll get out. Once you have him here, just thrust your hips up and to the side, and you’ll be free. Just like this.

#6 How to Escape the Standing One-Handed Choke This one is a much simpler defense move, and it will help you in case the attacker is choking you with one hand and your body’s pushed against the wall. Now, in this case, here’s what you should do. You pivot your body to the inside of his elbow. That way, you can curl his hand much easier. Next, as your pivoting, use your hand to punch his arm and push it away from your body. There’s no way the attacker will be able to hold your entire body with just one hand. Use physics to your advantage, ladies!

#5 How to Escape the Standing, Two Handed Front Choke This is another simple choke hold defense move. And it can definitely save your life if the attacker has 2 hands on your neck. Now, instead of moving to the back, or even kicking him in the cojones, you should instead bow down in front of him. This is where his grip is the weakest, so you should tense your neck muscles and bow down fast while slipping your head to one side. And before you know it, you will be on your marry little way!

#4 How to Escape the Rear Choke The rear choke is one of those techniques that’s used by almost all the sexual predators. They will use their elbow to choke you from behind. If you find yourself in this situation, what’s the simplest thing you can do?! The simplest thing you can do is just tighten your neck so he can’t choke you down. Then you should lower your stance so your center of gravity is lowered and he can’t pick you up. Then go all out on him. Attack with everything you have.

#3 How to Escape the Rear Choke- Second Method If the first method didn’t satisfy you, we got this one. Here, you will use the attacker’s weight against him. When he’s standing behind you, just move your body to the side, and place your leg behind him. Next, just fall on your bum, and he’ll follow suit. And if he doesn’t want to smash his head, he will likely release you from his grip.

#2 How to Escape the Rear Choke- Third Method We told you we have you covered no matter the circumstance. And since this is the most popular choke hold, here’s the last trick on how to defend against it. The first step is to put one foot in front while the other moves to the side opposite of his shoulder. Next, use your hands to push away from him and you’ll be free at last. Just avoid moving to the side where his shoulder is, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a much tighter lock than the first one.

#1 How to Escape the Ground Choke The last technique is a bit more complicated, but it can be used to break the attacker’s arm, so let’s jump right into it. While you’re on the ground being choked by the attacker, use the monkey grip from before on one of his hands. Next, cross blade his neck with your other hand. Next thing, the feet. One of them should go on his hip and the other one should be near his armpit. The foot that was on his hip should move to the same place where your cross- blade arm is, and by now, you should have both arms on his one hand. At this point, just thrust your hips up and you have him. Depending on how much he hurt you, you can choose to break his arm or leave him be.

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It makes me So happy and grateful to see that you’re here checking out my channel thank you for doing that.

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It makes me So happy and grateful to see that you’re here checking out my channel thank you for doing that.

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