Nicaraguan Food 7 Traditional Dishes You Must Try

Nicaragua is one of the most wonderful places, a home to 6 million people! Its capital city is Managua which is known as the third-largest city in Central America! Despite all the beauties that this country enjoys here you can find one of the most popular colonial cities- Leon and Granada which are so worth visiting!

Nicaragua is also very famous for its delicious menu and the wonderful traditional and unique dish that you must not miss! Despite the vast selection of wonderful food, we chose the best for you! Here we represent you the Traditional Dishes you must Try, just stay with us!

7. Vigorón This delicious dish is found only in one place and that is the historic city of Granada, where actually Vigorón was first created back in 1914! We are talking about a tiny-mountain of boiled yuca and chicharrones covered with a chopped cabbage salad which is made of slices of mimbro and a sharp-tasting fruit from the cucumber tree! The magic behind the Vigorón is its combination of creamy yuca with crispy fried pork which will leave you speechless after the first bite!

6.Güirilas Güirilas is one of the most beautiful dishes in the Nicaraguan countryside. If you are а fan of slightly sweet, slightly salty taste, than this is a perfect meal for you! It goes perfectly with a delicious homemade cuajada (curd cheese) and cream- the güirila! People love this speciality and it is really worth a try!

5. Rondón If you ever decide to go to Nicaragua do not come back without trying this specialty miracle! Rondon had become an iconic dish for the whole region! The chefs prepare this specialty in a very simple way! They use fish, shrimp, lobster, or any other seafood and then add to the pot root vegetables like yuca, plantains, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, chilli peppers, and a fish stock sweetened with coconut milk which makes the stew taste savoury! This Nicaragua traditional dish is perfect! You should try it without hesitation!

4.Indio Viejo If you are a soup admirer this is the perfect dessert for you that you must try! Indio Viejo a thick soup prepared by using maize dough with shredded beef and onion, and it is one of the greatest things you can try in Nicaragua! This perfect dish called Indio Viejo has a rather sweet flavor from yerba Buena and bitter orange combination! If you were wondering, this special dish is usually served with tostones which are fried green plantains and cuajada, in other words, curd cheese! Bon appétit!

3. Quesillo This specialty will leave you speechless! Quesillos are cheesy sweets that are sold from street carts all around Nicaragua! They look like a tortilla wrapped around a homemade white cheese that is smothered with curtido and a generous dollop of crema! You know that tortillas are easy to break and fall apart, but this dessert is served in a plastic bag so you can eat it without making a mess out of yourself! Also, If you are wondering where you can find the best Quesillos in this country, it is for sure in the towns of La Paz Centro and Nagarote!

2. Nachtmaals This delicious dish is done using maize dough stuffed with pork, several slices of potato, and a sprig of a minty herb called yerba Buena. If you were wondering where this dish name comes from it is from Nahuatl! It is the language of the ancient Aztecs, from the root nacatl (meat) and tamale (something wrapped), as the Nachtmaals is wrapped in a plantain leaf before being boiled! This dish is typically eaten for breakfast and it goes perfectly with coffee! Nachtmaals is considers as too heavy to eat in the evening. It can be served with anything like chicken, rice or vegetables!

1. Gallo Pinto With the rice and beans in the middle, Gallo Pinto is one of the most popular national dishes in Nicaragua! People are eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That really doesn't matter, it is completely on you! This tasty dish is usually made of red beans, white rice, and diced onions that are fried together in a large skillet! It is known that in Nicaragua’s Caribbean islands the chief is preparing the beans, rice, and onions frying them in coconut oil, or with coconut milk to make them extra creamy. This sounds really yummy! Guys!