Intruders Beware! 7 of The World’s Toughest Guard Dog Breeds

Security Dog Breeds You Must Look

3 min readOct 31, 2020

Argentine Dogo First on our list we have the Argentine Dogo, one of the most famous dog breeds today known to mankind. This breed is one of a kind, it’s like they have two personalities mixed in one, quite audacious yet sensitive, vibrant outdoors yet calm indoors.

They are of large size with muscular body, from the first look you can see the power and strength they have, just by looking at their bodies.

#6 Boxer Boxer is a medium-sized dog, that has square muzzle, and strong jaws to hold on to their pray. It’s an engendered breed from the old English bulldog and the present extinct Bullenbeisser. The Boxer is one of the best guard dogs out there that have large body and head. They need easy training, playful by nature, very quiet and protective, a very good dog breed made for the family. They are also one of the best guide dogs for the blind people. Due to their gentle and friendly temperament they are great companions, always known for their loyalty.

#5 German Shepherd Next on our list we have the German Shepherd, acknowledged and honored for their work as military or police dogs, a very powerful force, originally spawned to herd sheep, as the name itself says. An American dog breed that is very intelligent, protective and loyal companion, very versatile by nature. It is a very capable working dog, that on first look by its body structure may not strike you as a strong breed, you will be fooled every time. Always a first choice to be taken by the military and the police work, as their nose powers are unchallenged. They have the physical tool to challenge all arrivals and the stamina to do it for a long time.

#4 Kuvasz This breed is a guardian dog that is very protective of its territory, family and home. Shows very little affection for strangers, but thrives on the love of the family that raised it. In the past used to guard the cattle, but nowadays seen as a home pet dog. This breed has dense double odorless coat, generally white by color. They have very powerful and strong well-muscled body with graceful pace. These dogs are very clever and intelligent, very easy to be tamed and be perfect for the family, wolf-like appearance by the walk they show, and sometimes also used as a fashion dog, only because of the fur itself.

#3 Doberman Pinscher This dog breed is in the medium sized body ones, with very distinctive muscular body, and a wedge-like long head. They have very short fur, an athletic build, cropped ears and docked tail, a very unique dog breed you can’t miss. They are suited for canine sports, they are very sharp, intelligent and energetic, also very capable of military and police work, and above else a very loyal and great companion. They need regular exercises for their muscles, and for their nature itself, they are very sensitive and responsive, and are very reserved with strangers and unknown people.

#2 Rottweiler A very cool and committed breed, very protective of it’s pack, a guardian dog, liked for its power assist on many occasions. It’s a cattle protecting breed, very intelligent and loyal companion, with a medium-large size somewhat longer than tall. Very capable breed with unique, fast and agile movements because of its powerful and significant built. They are very quick learners that are not very friendly to strangers until appropriately introduced by their owners. They have a very unique trot, straight coat, short fur, that is dense and coarse. One of the greatest companions for every family, always ready to strike, in the time of need.

#1 Bullmastiff In our list, the first place is reserved for the widely-known Bullmastiff. A breed that has it all, the power, the strength, the intelligence and the temper, all in one. They are considered as the perfect protector of its home and family, and one of the most loyal, and greatest companions out there, which is why it reserves the first place on our list. They are very active, and are good at tracking, hunting, very agile and are great for therapy work. They are mostly red, fawn, or brindle by color, recognized for their courage, but also for the kindness and gentle features they possess in the family atmosphere.




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