Dog Lovers Beware 9 Foods That Are Toxic To Your Dogs

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3 min readOct 28, 2020
Poisonous food for your Dog

It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate, you guys! And humans just love it! But there's a toxic component of chocolate which is called theobromine. Unlike dogs, humans can more effortlessly process this component. Even a small amount of chocolate can make your dog sick. And if your dog eats a larger amount of chocolate, it could end up with muscle tremors, seizures, internal bleeding, and even a heart attack.

#8. Undercooked Meat . Dogs are definitely not supposed to eat raw meat. Since every kind of raw meat has a high chance of containing bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. You should keep this in mind since these bacteria are dangerous to people too. People often ignore this and they keep giving raw meat to their furry friends, which is why the FDA, CDC stands against feeding dogs raw meat.

#7. Grapes No, no, no, you should never ever feed your dog grapes. Not even raisins. Even if the toxic substance in grapes and raisins is not known yet, these fruits can cause acute renal failure, a dangerous disease that can end in severe kidney damage and even death if not treated well and instantly. Keep in mind that peeled or seedless grapes should also be avoided.

#6. Nuts This may come shocking to you since in almost every pet store there are treats for dogs that contain peanut and more often peanut butter-flavored treats can be seen there. And they might not be toxic for your dog, but almost all nuts are high in fat. And giving your dog nuts often can lead to obesity and pancreatic problems. Feeding your dog salted nuts can commence with water retention. And let not forget that almonds can lead to choking. Watch full Video on YouTube

#5. Onions and Garlic Even 5,000 years ago, people have enthusiastically consumed garlic. Doctors even use it for medicine, but it not recommended for daily consumption. And feeding your dog garlic or onion can end with serious health issues. Even death. Garlic and onion are dangerous in every form, dried, powdered, fresh, and cooked. So, keep in mind that you should not share your garlic or onion flavored food with your dog. #4. Moldy Foods We are sure that you know mold on dog food should be avoided and the real threat comes when your dog gets into household trash or accidentally eats garbage, compost piles, and moldy nuts. Eating these kinds of things can lead to very serious health problems. Fungal neurotoxins are known as one of the most dangerous threats to dogs, and if left untreated can bring about some hazardous effects on your dogs health.

#3. Bones Bones are known as the food for dogs that contains an enormous source of minerals and nutrients, and people often decide to feed their furry friends with bones. Also, chewing arouses salvia enzymes and prevents your dogs teeth from diseases. But many veterinarians believe that despite all the benefits you should not risk giving your dog bones since it could end up with serious injuries and sometimes even death.

#2. Salty Snack Foods Eating small amounts of salt is not dangerous to dogs, but just like with humans, salt in big amounts can be really dangerous. But keep in mind that it not the best idea to share salty foods such as chips or pretzels with your dog. It can lead to extreme thirst and urination, or even sodium ion poisoning. If your dog eats too much salt, it could end up with vomiting, depression, body temperature, and even death.

#1. Milk Just like salt, milk is safe as long as it is in small portions. And here a tip to keep your dog healthy. A few tablespoons of cows milk can actually be beneficial for your dog. But, an entire bowl at once can lead to health issues, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and loose stools. And while some veterinarians say milk and dairy products are ideal foods for dogs, others criticize them for many disorders, from ear infections to cancer

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