7 Reasons Why Man Who Ate the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza [Gained 21 lbs in One Day]

Mr. Beast has done some pretty crazy things in the past… but this one is one of his craziest. What he did is, he found a world-famous competitive eater and paired him with the world’s largest slice of pizza. The result? 21 extra pounds that they didn’t want to have. But what we’re interested in are the 7 Reasons Why Man Who Ate the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza Gained 21 Lbs in 1 Day. Let’s go, guys!

#7 The Size of The Slice So, we begin this list with one of the most obvious reasons as to why Joey Chestnut, the fastest competitive eater in the entire world, gained 21 pounds. If you noticed in the beginning, and all throughout the video, MrBeast kept saying how big and massive the slice of pizza actually was. If we’re being precise, the slice of pizza as 6 feet long and weighed a jaw-dropping 9 pounds. So, if you were wondering where al of that excess weight came from… there’s you answer. But wait! Why did he gain 21 pounds of body mass, if the slice of pizza was only 9 pounds? Where did the other 12 pounds come from?

#6 The Carbs If you didn’t notice, that pizza had a giant crust. One of the guys even said that if he only ate the crust, he would get bloated beyond belief. And that’s another one of the reasons why this guy managed to gain 21 pounds in just 32-minutes. If you really think about it, every single gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories. One average slice of pizza, from a 14-inch pizza has roughly 36 grams of carbs. That means that this giant slice of pizza must’ve had around 1,440 grams of carbs, or about 3 pounds. That’s 3 pounds of dough.

#5 The Fat Oh, and of course, how can we forget the fact that there is a ton of fat in that giant slice of pizza. The cheese, the pepperoni, the sauce… all of them have a lot of fat… so when you put all of them together on a giant slice of pizza, you get a heart-attack that’s waiting to happen. If you want to do the math, let’s go! One slice of pizza has 10 grams of fat. This slice of pizza is about 40 times larger than your average slice. So if you multiply the 10 grams of fat by 40, you would get 400 grams of fat in this giant slice… all of which Joey managed to chow down right after SMASHING THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO ALREADY!

#4 The Protein Ah yes, the protein. How could we forget about the protein? Since it has a lot of cheese and a lot of pepperoni, there’s bound to be some protein in that giant slice of pizza, isn’t it?! Of course there is. But just how many grams of protein are there, exactly. Again, we’ll have to do the math ourselves. Let’s think about this. In a regular slice of pizza there are 12 grams of protein. In this giant slice of pizza, there are around 40 times that much, or that would be equal to 480 grams of protein in one slice. That is 8.5 times the recommended daily amount of protein for an average man. But if you’re Dwayne Johnson, then that would be just about right.

#3 The Calories One of the big reasons why this guy gained so much weight is the fact that he managed to eat all of those calories in one sitting. No matter how hard you run, you will never be able to outrun a bad diet. So, if we were to put the numbers in, we would have to know that 1 slice of pizza has around 285 calories. Multiply that by 40 and you would get the number 11,400. The daily recommended calorie intake for the average male is 2,000 calories. That means, Joey ate nearly 6 days- worth of food in one sitting.

#2 The Water And the 6 th and biggest factor in why this competitive eater managed to gain 21 pounds from a 9- pound pizza slice is the water. If you noticed, Joey constantly drank water to chow down the monstrous pizza slice faster. Many competitive eaters have this habit, and that’s why he had that pregnant-looking belly at the end of the challenge!

# 1 The Time final factor that contributed the most to Chestnut gaining 21 pounds is the fact that he chowed down that giant slice of pizza in just 31 minutes and a few seconds. That’s not nearly enough time for the body to process all of the food intake, so most of it was just raw, unprocessed junk that made him gain all the weight in an instant.



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